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Forever 'Till the End,Your My Best Friend

If we ever seperate,It'll have to be certain fate
No matter what,your my best friend,As the chant goes 'Forever to the end'
You are my very best friend
When we fight,I fight tears
Not to mention my fears of losing you,We may grow apart,And drift away,But I will always remember you as my best friend forever
Always,Like the chant goes,Forever 'till the end,You'll always be my best friend

* * * * *

ever heard kinda fairytale before? and u think u believe in it? if u ever think like that, then think again.. what do u understand by the word F.R.I.E.N.D? some would say friends are the one who are always there when u need someone to talk with,cheer u up when u sad,gives present on ur birthday,go shopping in midvalley,buy earing togather n stick together like a twin.. erm..it's true right?it's ok cause everyone get through over it.. someone told me that they started out by annoying each other,then slowly they made their friendship tide and strongly they get close together.. honestly,for me..it's SUCKS!!=) ..wiwi.. u can dream sweety,but in real world..it's too good to be true..

still don't get it?continue reading and u'll know the reason i'm saying these..

said u can tell everything,sharing all with ur bestfriend..even the biggest secrets in life.. having sex with ur enemy's boyfriend last night,bitching around or killing a cat.. then u and ur bestfriend made a promise to keep it as a secret forever..but one day,when u woke up..u realize that the whole world fucked u up!!and u'll cry all night and throwing thing,being alone in cold.. so sad!! +__+ sob..sob..

then u started to believe that "TRUE FRIEND UNEXIST!!!"..and ur BEST FRIEND ARE BIGGEST ENEMY IN LIFE!!! but it's to late right now..erm..how did i know? trust me babe..i went through it once..

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