++ my cinderella's story ++

Friday, August 27, 2010 @ 2:52 PM | 0 Flying kisses ❤

i'm so sick of my life,tired of being me.
stuck with the same old bored fucking routine.
a girl who thinks to suicide,but i couldn't end it by myself.
so i pray to MY LORD,sent me the angel of death.
i'm your humble servant,begging for mercy.
please free me from this burning hell.
free my life,my body,my spirit and my soul.

hear my whisper,i'm a wisher wishing this life weren't mine.
i tried to run million miles away to the end of the world.
far far away from this empty street.
but i couldn't move my feets,both are locked and stucked on the ground.
i tried to shout out for some help.
to anyone out there,please unlock my chain.
lead my to the bright white light.
give me a chance to taste the sensation of the heaven.
i'm suffering for too long it seems.

i walk alone on the busy cold city.
stand in the crowd,but no one sees me.
i 'm not exist in their eyes,isolated from the world.
i tried to cry,but there's no tears falling down.
my fairy's mother finally appear,pouring a magic dust on me.
a miracles does happens,though hope is frail it's hard to kill.
you come to me,change the cloudy colours in my life.
put a smile back on my face.

i dream of you every night.
the way you're smiling at me.
laughing and holding hands as we walk along.
you've got your arms around me and sing to our favourite song.
i remember the way you're looking at me.
i feel warm like the world revolves around us.
you kiss me and hold me tight and really close.
like i'm a china doll of glass who afraid to fall.

you're always there for me no matter what happens.
stand by my side,even the whole world's turning its back on me.
never let anyone hurting me,trampling over my feelings.
you're everything to me,you pick me up when was down.
my bestfriend,my love,my hero and my guardian angel.
the only reason for me to breath.
try to get up every time i fall.

the whole world keeps talking about us.
you and me,a perfect match ever created by God.
where we are together and not apart.
and we were two,yet still one heart.
meant for each other,i'm all yours and you're totally mine.
no one could ever stop us,together till death do us apart.

today is a fairytales,live happily ever after.
in my sweet night dream,my cinderella's story.
but i'm not a princess sleeping for a thousand of years waiting a kiss from her true love.
and you're not my charming prince who'll fight a dragon to unlock me from my prison tower.
the truth of me,not an epic bullshit tales.
i'm just a sad little girl,playing with my doll alone.
a poetry writing of my pain.
the world is a cruel and unfair place for me to be.

please forgive me for everything i've done.
i give you everything and ask for nothing.
goodbye my endless love,i won't see you tonight.
it's time for me to leave,i have to go now.
i come to the end of my journey,so glad i could die.
please don't cry,mourning for my death.
when i'm gone,everything will be alright.
be strong,i promise to always stay right here for you.
watching every steps you made.
thanks for all the memories created in between us,my love.
and i shall love you forever,until my body turns to dust.

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