Broke up today ):

Wednesday, February 2, 2011 @ 1:20 AM | 0 Flying kisses ❤

nota kepala:
kalau korang tengah sedih baru lepas broke up,please jangan tekan play and tengok video tu..okeyy? wawa tak mau buat sesiapa sedih.just chill babe. :)

tadi pegi godek-godek tumblr :), then tiba-tiba terjumpa piano cover lagu ni. Bila dengar, macam best saja. So cepat-cepat pegi cari video dekat youtube pula. Dah jumpa. Nice. :) korang dengar tau.

*Oneul Heeojyeosseoyo / Broke up today*

lyrics in english.

After covering my face with a white muffler.
I waited for you as I blinked my red-shot eyes
Those words I wanted to say.
But not quiet sure what they were.
An awkward nod with tightening throat.
As we take a step back, the empty space between us is filled with tears.
I angrily exclaimed, 'Go'..
And It seems like that I’ve already fled far far away.

Broke up today, we’ve broken up.
If you think you can understand my heart, then please cry with me.
I suppose I can’t be the one, I suppose it’s a no.
How longer do I have to cry until you'll love me properly?

Your heartbeats and you echoes my eardrum.
The lips locked away, gets clearer.
Since when and where did we drift apart.
When you've loved me till yesterday.

I was happy, I was so happy it pained more.
I hate myself for getting tricked by love.
I should have stayed and told you I was hurt.
Our memories of love, that should be holding you back.
You live tomorrow and I today.
No one, nothing can make me smile.

harap korang pun enjoy lagu ni macam wawa. :) kalau nak original lyric dia,pegi cari dekat google sendiri.wawa tak paham bahasa korea.muahaha.

nota kaki:
wawa bukan peminat drama korea okeyyy. :)

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